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JP-S63194904-A: Control device of continuous kneader patent, JP-S63195450-A: Correcting method for differential limit driving gear patent, JP-S63197724-A: Fortifying work of existing structure against earthquake patent, JP-S63198583-A: Piezoelectric motor patent, JP-S63199914-A: Joint joining method for fiber reinforced plastics-made propeller shaft patent, JP-S63200762-A: Deodorizing sheet patent, JP-S63200766-A: Orthopedic fixing material patent, JP-S63201330-A: Fuel injection pump patent, JP-S63203025-A: Registration system for position of mobile radio equipment patent, JP-S63204356-A: User recognizing system patent, JP-S6320580-A: Pattern recognizing device patent, JP-S63206403-A: Device for developing color on powdery titanium patent, JP-S6320681-A: Tabulating and processing system patent, JP-S63207545-A: Polishing device patent, JP-S63207678-A: Multicolor pressure-sensitive transfer recording medium patent, JP-S63207969-A: Heat-insulating wall body patent, JP-S63208342-A: Loudspeaker simultaneous telephonic communication equipment patent, JP-S63208705-A: Column inclination detecting device patent, JP-S63209646-A: Pocket probe patent, JP-S63209665-A: Syringe having double outer cylinder patent, JP-S63209917-A: Injection molding support expert method patent, JP-S6321008-A: Knapsack for schoolboy patent, JP-S63210222-A: Prediction of lowering of furnace heat in blast furnace patent, JP-S63210508-A: Super low nox combustion device patent, JP-S63212598-A: X-y plotter patent, JP-S63212673-A: Sorter patent, JP-S63212938-A: Pellicle sticking machine patent, JP-S63215583-A: Equipment for treating excrements patent, JP-S63216169-A: Self service transaction apparatus patent, JP-S63216394-A: Co2 gas laser equipment patent, JP-S6321683-A: Developing device patent, JP-S63217079-A: Inclined end surface fence patent, JP-S63217109-A: Drain tank for feedwater heater patent, JP-S63218637-A: Production of cis-crotyl alcohol patent, JP-S63218891-A: Manufacture of (mg, u) o2 group fuel pallet patent, JP-S63218914-A: Laser light scanner patent, JP-S63219277-A: Solid-state image pickup device patent, JP-S63220399-A: Binary-coding system of image data for measuring traffic flow patent, JP-S63222242-A: Ultraviolet fluorescence analyzer patent, JP-S6322247-A: Reference point resetting system for machine tool patent, JP-S6322342-A: Document container for corrugated box patent, JP-S63225103-A: Flexible strain gage patent, JP-S63225341-A: Production of alkylamines patent, JP-S6322550-A: Novel fluorine-containing amide patent, JP-S63226768-A: Display device for parallel translation type translater patent, JP-S63227752-A: Fe-base alloy for semi-hard magnetic material having forcedly dispersed fine grain of fe3b and cu patent, JP-S63228343-A: System for totaling device connection time patent, JP-S63229728-A: Stroboscopic electron beam device patent, JP-S63230611-A: Dental adhesive composition patent, JP-S63230662-A: Manufacture of n-acetyl-beta-phenylalanine patent, JP-S6323093-A: Steam locking release structure of steam trap patent, JP-S63231686-A: Drawing device patent, JP-S63232184-A: Container patent, JP-S63233346-A: Plug for bare fiber patent, JP-S63233432-A: Processing and forming method for list based upon structure describable language patent, JP-S63236063-A: Composite display and input device patent, JP-S63236664-A: Image signal printer patent, JP-S63236820-A: Construction of banking structure patent, JP-S63237991-A: Optical information recording medium patent, JP-S63239309-A: Intake apparatus of engine patent, JP-S63239532-A: Central arithmetic processor patent, JP-S63240243-A: Carrier wave pull-in auxiliary circuit patent, JP-S63240800-A: Method for distinguishing plant cell patent, JP-S63240810-A: Screen apparatus for closing food container patent, JP-S63241349-A: Ultrasonic flaw detector patent, JP-S63241500-A: Radiation sensor patent, JP-S63242010-A: Variable gain circuit patent, JP-S63242833-A: Sheet material storing cassette patent, JP-S63243290-A: Method for degreasing coiled metal patent, JP-S63243442-A: Manufacture of sliding throttle valve type carburetor patent, JP-S63244324-A: Tracking and driving device for optical head patent, JP-S63244986-A: Descramble circuit patent, JP-S63245049-A: Telephone exchange patent, JP-S63245752-A: Method for realizing communication protocol patent, JP-S63246588-A: High elastic pipe patent, JP-S6324727-A: Signal transmission equipment patent, JP-S63247575-A: Controller for open showcase patent, JP-S6324833-A: Tag boat equipped with jig for untangling entanglement of fishing line patent, JP-S63249379-A: Manufacture of substrate for thin film solar cell patent, JP-S6324995-A: Washing machine patent, JP-S6324997-A: Operation panel apparatus of washing machine patent, JP-S63250267-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-S63252486-A: Photo-interrupter patent, JP-S63252645-A: Mold having heating facility for continuous casting and method for continuous casting patent, JP-S63252755-A: Character output apparatus patent, JP-S63253613-A: Through type capacitor patent, JP-S63255000-A: Method for fractional determination of alpha-amylase isozyme patent, JP-S6325676-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S63257078-A: Vector identification device patent, JP-S63257932-A: Information recording medium patent, JP-S63258007-A: Excitation of superconducting coil patent, JP-S63259663-A: Image recorder patent, JP-S63260045-A: Vernier pattern patent, JP-S63260192-A: Manufacture of circuit board patent, JP-S63260729-A: Manufacture of fin patent, JP-S63260747-A: Indexing device patent, JP-S63261053-A: Execution of floor material near wall patent, JP-S63261510-A: Permanent magnet erasion head patent, JP-S63262563-A: Simple detection of copper on gold bump patent, JP-S63262593-A: Reducer for radioactive corrosion product in fast reactor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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